Veris Technologies Soil EC Mapping System

The Future of Agricultural Technology

The Veris 3100 is a complete soil mapping system that acquires continuously-sensed soil electrical conductivity (EC) data from two soil depths. The complete system uses six coulter-electrodes and an instrument that creates and processes the signal to log and download the EC data.Unique to the Veris technology is the ability to acquire soil EC data from two depths simultaneously.

This feature provides Advanced Ag Solutions with information about the top 0-1' (0-30cm) as well as the 0-3' (0-91cm). The top layer typically shows effects of management induced variability - such as tillage, and soil redistribution, while the deeper array more closely identifies the natural patterns of soil variability. Together, the two data sets provide insights into the depths and properties of the different soil horizons.

The Veris system generates the electrical signal, measures voltage of that signal as it moves through the soil, converts the analog response to digital, and logs the geo-referenced results. And it's designed expressly for continuously-sensed field mapping.

The Veris technology allows Advanced Ag Solutions to obtain a better understanding of exactly what your farm requires and ways to improve growth. This tool is helping to change the face of Agriculture for the future.

Veris Mobile Sensor Platform (MSP)

On-the-go sensing of soil pH and soil electrical conductivity (EC) are here! The Veris Mobile Sensor Platform features the Soil pH Manager--an on-the-go automated pH sensing system that shows pH variability as it really is. The MSP produces between 5 and 10 pH samples per acre. That's up to 25 times as many sample points as a 2.5 acre grid map. Research has documented the fact that pH typically varies more than what 2.5 acre grids can capture. Until now it hasn't been feasible to sample densely enough to map pH accurately.

When 2.5 acre grids are overlaid on a Veris pH Manager map, the variability within each grid is evident. Most grids have as much variability within them as there is in the entire field! The Veris MSP is also equipped with both the Veris EC Surveyor 3150 and the Soil pH Manager. We can collect soil EC data for management zones and yield goals at the same time as we map soil pH.

Benefits of Veris MSP Mapping:

Map soil texture to predict water holding capacity -still our biggest determinant of yield!
Identify and correct areas where yields are lower than zone's potential
May substitute yield maps in nutrient maintenance programs
Manage for profit rather than soil test result
Intensify pH sampling without breaking the bank!
Successfully run VR seed, lime, P&K, Nitrogen, chemicals and more!

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